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Where to order Levitra without a prescription?

Levitra, which has also generic form Vardenafil, has demonstrated its main curing features in solving men’s private problems with health. It has proven its efficiency in managing conditions when the absence of erection occurs. The basic mechanism of work is conducted when separate blood vessels are affected in penis tissues, thus blood gets to them and successful erection takes place.

As a rule, Levitra can be obtained after special medical examinations and consumers are advised to have a receipt. Although, this remedy can also be got without prescription.

Precaution tips before you initiate the remedy intake

Any kinds of previous hypersensitive responses must be reported to your physician before starting generic Levitra. In addition, you are advised to take into consideration, whether you experienced the below illnesses in the anamnesis:

  • issues with blood pressure;
  • irregular work of the heart;
  • bleeding in organs or tissues;
  • low level of water in organism (dehydration);
  • acute liver or kidney states;
  • prior issues with erection (prolonged or excruciating), as well other abnormal states of genitalia.

Dizziness or changed eyesight is likely to occur after the consumption. Driving as well as using heavy machines is better to be avoided in such situation. In addition, you should skip any extra actions that require total alertness. Alcoholic beverages should be minimized or totally stopped.

Cases, when consumers need surgery, require a full report to physician of any consumed drugs. Geriatric users are usually more perceptive to the side reactions of Levitra.

Administer this cure with safety

It is reasonable to proceed as per your medical professional’s directions. A separate group of males chooses to administer the doses without prescription. Thereby, the beneath counted tips might provide the expected results from Vardenafil:

  1. Consume your pill whole with a cup of neutral liquid after the light food, chewing or crushing the tablet is prohibited.
  2. Range of basic amount varies in limits 5-20 mg. You should note that only the physician can set the rational dose for separate cases. Such choice is usually based on general health state, weight, other cures and reactions of the body. Only one dose of generic Levitra per day can be consumed, as additional amounts are rather harmful.
  3. The expected result from Levitra is usually obtained when extra sexual induction is provided. Males are advised to consume the pill 30-60 minutes before planned intercourse. As it was clinically detected, dynamic phase of the remedy lasts about five hours after the intake.
  4. Any doubts about the remedy can be deleted after medical discussion.

Reasonable periodicity of the intake

On average, 5 hours is a phase of half-life of Levitra, although it does not imply that patients have to consume pills every 5 hours. Chemical parts of Vardenafil are completely removed from the body system within 24 hours. Those people, who have a need to take another tablet, should wait for at least these 24 hours pass.

Overdose occasions are likely to happen to those males, who do not consider above advice and consume the remedy whenever they wish. It is rather dangerous, particularly for those who experienced previous issues with the cardiovascular system, blood vessels or stroke. Levitra is known as an efficient men’s aide when taken reasonably.

What acute complications are likely to happen?

A medical support or extra tests may be required, whether the following issues happen during the period of intake:

  • severe migraine attacks;
  • abnormal dizziness without obvious reasons;
  • erection which stays for a long time or cause ache;
  • partial or total loss of eyesight;
  • inability to hear well.

Most likely acute side reactions will not happen to everybody. Thereby, do not feel disturbed by the listed issues as you may not experience any of them.

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