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Where to order Kamagra without a prescription?

Nowadays therapists propose Kamagra in curing private men’s cases, when the penis cannot erect even if sexual stimulation occurs. The basic component and generic term of the remedy is Sildenafil – it is commonly metered as 100 mg per tablet. As soon as sexual incitement occurs, active parts of the remedy promote blood flux to get genital tissues. Such innate act is violated in sufferers with erectile dysfunction; thereby the remedy will assist in resolving this trouble.

How to find out an adequate amount of Sildenafil?

Pharmaceutical industry produces generic pills in a form of rhombus which is dyed in light blue color. The bunch consists of one or four tablets and widely accessible without prescription. Administer the pill of Sildenafil with a glass of neutral liquid after light food.

The sufficient basic amount should not exceed 50 mg once per day. Consume it when it is needed at least 30 minutes before the target intimacy. The individual index of tolerance and effectiveness may require shifting this primary dose. The lowest amount can be 25 mg and it will work successfully as well. Though the maximum dose cannot be more than 100 mg. The absorption and getting the remedy into the blood can take 30-120 minutes after the intake.

Groups of followers who cannot apply the cure

The below mentioned list of consumers are advised to search alternative cure for generic Kamagra, as it does not match their health state:

  1. Sufferers with hypersensitive responses to basic and secondary ingredients of the remedy.
  2. Clients who administer cures containing nitrate parts.
  3. Consumers of Riociguat.
  4. Those followers, who are not allowed to have intercourse due to therapist’s directions.
  5. Sufferers with acute complications in vision.

Tell your medician if you ever tempted the above listed problems and let him select for you the alternatives.

The possibility of overdose

Consumers should administer Kamagra only when they assign to have coition, and it is not intended for regular appliance. Excessive consumption is rather hazardous, thereby it is taken only once per day. Changed amounts as well as durable usage are strongly prohibited. In case the remedy is overdosed, followers may sense poisoning signs. By this means, emergency aid should be looked up fast.

What side responses may happen?

Each remedy is originally chemical material and is likely to affect on other matters and human cells. Such reactions are the main causes why side reactions are forthcoming. They can range from mild to severe, temporary or permanent.

The below mentioned list of side reactions is not assured to happen, however, sufferers are better to learn about the commonest ones. Most of them can be managed, and others can disappear independently after a while. Seek for medical assistances in case you experience any of the below states with Kamagra:

  • being thirsty constantly, dry mouth;
  • severe headache, attacks of migraine;
  • ache in muscles for a long time;
  • pawned nose and/or cough;
  • decreased blood pressure;
  • nose bleeds;
  • partial loss of hearing;
  • feeling dizzy while standing up;
  • various levels of memory loss;
  • acute changes in vision.

Further warning for the followers

Mild quantities of alcoholic beverages are not forbidden, but larger amounts can reduce the chance to get an erection. In addition, blood pressure can decrease and cause acute dizziness.

Grapefruit juice and products from it hold active ingredients, which usually enlarge the dose of Kamagra in the blood. Thereby, do not combine these products while consuming the pills.

Male consumers with prostate diagnosis should evade Kamagra and search for alternatives. Double effects are likely to occur, and run out with an utterly low level of blood pressure.

HIV, syphilis and various sexually transmitted sicknesses cannot be avoided with Kamagra, so extra protective agents should be applied whether spontaneous intercourse happens.

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