Klonopin VS Valium

Valium and Klonopin are two drugs that are very common in the benzodiazepine market. At the same time, can these two drugs compete? It’s very likely that Valium vs. Klonopin is a very dubious confrontation. Why? The reason is simple: despite one class, drugs are used for treatment by different methods. Let’s try to find out more about these drugs.

Effects of drugs

Klonopin Klonopin is primarily an anticonvulsant drug that is used to treat epilepsy. Klonopin is certified for this purpose, although a variety of experiments are currently underway, which may in the future allow the use of Klonopin for the treatment of other diseases.

Valium is also used as an anticonvulsant, but it is a long-acting drug. In addition, Valium can be used for complex treatment of a variety of problems, even gynecological and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It depends on the appointment of the attending physician.

Form of issue and reception

valium Klonopin, the active ingredient of which is Clonazepam, is available in the form of tablets. Valium also has the form of injections; it can be administered intravenously and intramuscularly. The dosage is determined by the doctor, depending on the degree of the disease and the condition of the patient. If the patient’s body is severely weakened, a dose adjustment may be required. With a positive reaction to the drugs, the dose may be increased. Valium has a complex effect, including sedative, as well as anticonvulsant and muscle relaxant; Valium is a tranquilizer in the class of drugs.

Valium is used for the treatment and relief of psychosomatic disorders, Klonopin mainly helps combat epileptic seizures. Thanks to the relaxing effect, both drugs help restore sleep. It is strongly recommended not to mix drugs and take both together, and also replace drugs with each other even with a positive reaction to both of them.

If a replacement because of the negative reaction to the drug is necessary, consultation with the doctor is required.

Side effects

Both drugs have pronounced and probable side effects. Among the most frequent are:

  • dizziness
  • headache
  • nausea
  • vision problems
  • loss of coordination
  • sensation of weakness.

There is also the possibility of more severe side effects. These side effects can be considered as dangerous:

  • loss of consciousness
  • severe sleep problems
  • prolonged ill health
  • yellowing of the eye whites
  • problems with liver function, etc.

Also Valium and Klonopin can cause an allergic reaction, which is expressed as:

  • skin rashes (redness, itching, etc.)
  • edema
  • problems with breathing.

If you notice a negative allergic reaction or side effects that do not go away for a long time, it is recommended to consult your doctor for help. Otherwise, the initial signs can cause loss of consciousness and more serious health problems.


Valium is not used to treat patients who are in a coma or unconscious. Before Valium can be used in any form, it is necessary to bring the patient to consciousness, since otherwise, application can lead to aggravation of the condition and repetition of epileptic seizure.

It is also strongly advised not to use Klonopin and Valium to treat pregnant women, as well as lactating women, since the remnants of the drugs can penetrate into the composition of breast milk.

klonopin vs valium Valium is forbidden to use for treatment of patients in a state of intoxication by any substances. Klonopin and Valium can cause a state of drowsiness and loss of coordination, so it is not recommended to drive after taking the pills.

Also, abrupt withdrawal of drugs can cause withdrawal syndrome, which is expressed in a sharply negative reaction of the body to a lack of drugs. Finish the treatment gradually, if necessary, ask for help from a specialist.


Klonopin and Valium are not interchangeable drugs, despite the presence of similarities. Valium is a much more complex medicine that has a wide range of effects. However, the efficacy of Klonopin is also proven, the drug is used in a wide medical practice and has many positive reviews. Do not take Valium or Klonopin by yourself, you need specialist’s advice.

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