Vitamin A for the skin around the eyes: slowing down aging

The skin on the face & body always needs vitamins, the main of which are vitamins A, E, C. They should be taken from inside as well as from the outside. Only, in this case, a healthy shining & youthfulness of the skin will be provided. The area around the eyes is the most vulnerable & caring for it should be special. Let’s talk about what vitamin E is useful for: the sensitive skin around the eyes.Vitamin A for the skin around the eyes: slowing down aging

The area around the eyes is the most sensitive & the first wrinkles appear here. But is it possible to slow down the aging of the skin in this area? Experts say that it is possible. In particular, vitamins for the skin around the eyes are used to prevent aging. Over time, the skin under the eyes is no longer so elastic. How to cope with the results of reducing the production of collagen & can you correct the deficiency of vitamins?

Vitamin A under the eyes is one of the solutions. It should be noted that this vitamin is not able to smooth wrinkles since it is not a building material for cells & tissues. Vitamins are able to take part in the metabolism process & help in the production of elastin, collagen. For example, vitamins A & E under the eyes are able to preserve the youthfulness of the skin, extending it for a while.

A is a vitamin that is famous for its regenerating effect. Thanks to it, the production of collagen is accelerated. This substance is especially valuable for aging skin, as it is able to protect from the impact of a variety of outside factors.

The easiest way is to use retinol & drugs from pharmacies based on it, for example, Accutane, simply as a supplement to the usual eye cream.

In order to achieve a better effect, you will need two vitamins – A & E. In addition, you will need oil (you can take any of the vegetable ones: grape, almond, olive – your choice). Take a large spoonful of oil; drip 3 drops of each vitamin into it. Mix & use a cotton swab to apply on problem areas under the eyes, above them, at the edges. Now tip the composition, gently working with the pads of your fingers. Leave it for half an hour then wipe it lightly with a napkin. It is not necessary to wash it off!

Retinol is a solution that is used not only for wrinkles but also for bruises under the eyes. For example, if the area under the lower eyelids is bluish or closer to a purple hue, then this probably is the closeness of the capillary mesh to the skin. It is necessary to work in the direction of strengthening the vessels under the eyes as well as sealing the skin itself. For this purpose, you can try creams, which include retinol, ceramides, antioxidants, and vitamin K. Eye cream with retinol is able to improve the flow of blood through the vessels, to heal a fine capillary mesh. Usually, this remedy is nightly because vitamin A is not recommended to be used before going out in the sun – the skin becomes too sensitive to the rays.

You can buy a pharmacy bottle with retinol or any of the creams in which this component is present & try. Still, don’t hope for wonderful results because no vitamin is able to smooth out the skin at 100%.

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