The use of steroids and concomitant drugs in bodybuilding

If you want to improve the results and indicators in sports taking chemical additives, then it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor and a trainer. Do you know that all drugs of this class help gain weight? After all, not everything may be as you wish. It is important not to harm your health, which means that you cannot start the course of taking anabolic drugs at your own.

For sure, anyone who takes drugs to gain muscle mass, at some point thought about whether the steroids involved in the active increase in muscle volume and strength. After all, it is likely that some of the drugs perform a completely different role.

It turns out that cholesterol is used as a building material for creating sex hormones. In medicine, it is considered that this is an enemy for health, but in fact, not everything is so unambiguous. Despite the harmful effect on the body in sediments, as it turned out, cholesterol can also have a positive effect – it helps the reproductive system “live” fully. If something in this long molecular chain will change, if we remove or rearrange any links, then cholesterol will turn into sex hormones. Which ones? First, these are testosterone and estradiol. In the first case, the hormone is responsible for the male sex signs. The second hormone is responsible for female symptoms.

Despite the difference in functions, both hormones are similar in structure. The thing is that they are created from cholesterol. In addition to these steroids, many other biochemical compounds are somehow connected with the sexual sphere – more or less closely.

When talking about steroids in bodybuilding, this term is not entirely successful. It means only those hormones that build muscle tissue. However, there are also those who are harmful to it as they destroy it. Such steroids include glucocorticoids, which secrete adrenals. If their level in the blood exceeds the permissible norms, then it is possible to say with certainty that overtraining is “on the face”.

Sex signs of representatives of the stronger sex are not only the sexual organs and hair on the face. This is also an impressive proportion of muscle tissue. The most important of the steroid hormones here is testosterone.

The main functions of androgenic nature are the formation of genital organs, the growth of hair on the face and body. As for anabolic functions, we should pay attention to a strong skeleton and strength in the muscles due to the development of the spine.

Estrogens are also sex hormones but they are female only. They are also responsible for many changes in the body and mind according to the female type. They are made both by female and male organisms for certain needs. Most estrogens are produced by conversion from male hormones – androgens.

With age, the level of female hormones in men is significantly increased.

Excess estrogens in men cause in the body:

  • oppression of the sexual system
  • fat deposition of the female type – on hips, buttocks & chest
  • reduction of the hair cover (primarily on the face and the chest)
  • the weakening of tendons & ligaments
  • muscle mass drop
  • increased fragility of bones
  • water retention
  • instability (psychic)
  • attacks of aggression.

For women’s health, an increased level of estrogen is no less harmful. Antiestrogenic drugs very often used in bodybuilding. They can be bought in pharmacies and sports stores. One of the most popular is Clomid.

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