Nature of male excitement

Since the excitement of a man (so as in principle, a woman) in the physiological plan can be compared with stress, although pleasant. In any case, the pressure increases that entails reddening of the face, dilates pupils. On the behavior of a man, you can guess his emotions, and even more so – when his voice from the habit becomes a little hoarse, this is a sure sign of male excitement.

But, of course, the erection takes precedence in the hallmarks of male excitement, which is due to the fact that the increase in pressure stimulates blood flow to the male sexual organ, the spongy substance of which, due to this, increases and accumulates in size about 7 cm in length and about 3 cm in diameter. And this fact, alas, is hard to hide from the object of your lust.

Nature of male excitement By the way, an erection does not always indicate a desire for physical intimacy with a woman. In the mornings, for example, an erection can talk about a man’s desire to go to the toilet. And if a man’s underwear is tight or he wears tight jeans, then after a long sitting, he can observe a “false” erection. So you can judge the desire of a man only in conjunction with the above symptoms.

It is worth noting that the arousal of a man occurs much faster than of a woman. If a woman needs preliminary caresses, then a man needs just good eyesight, as a beautiful female breast will perfectly raise the man’s pressure. Anthropology indicates that men with a height above the average are excited less actively than low men do.

Note that a swift wave of excitement can escape as quickly as well as flood. Therefore, the arousal of a man should be built up smoothly, using man’s sense of touch and sense of smell very carefully. But you need to consider that the erection of a man is very dependent on the visualization of a sexual object, so do not completely turn off the light during the caresses. Leave a light twilight. This will give mystery and the opportunity for a man to become visually full.

“She makes me speechless” when talking about a beautiful girl is not devoid of a physiological basis. The fact is that an excited man concentrates on achieving his goal so much that many of them become almost dumb. This is not a joke – this is the nature of men.

An important aspect is the use of special drugs. If a man applies, for example, Levitra for the sake of interest, then he can demonstrate other signs. The same applies to other drugs available in pharmacies, of a similar action.

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