Female erection: features

Every sexually active woman knows about male erection. But is there an erection for a woman?

We know that men love with their eyes – they need visual excitement, they can “undress” with the glance any beauty, and you should not blame them for it – that’s how their brain works.

A woman, the keeper of the hearth, is different: she can be tempted only by the “sweet melody” of the male, his compliments, beautiful courtship. No wonder they say, “Women love with their ears”, as it is their physiology. Women have developed connections between the auditory zone of the cortex and the sub-cortical centers of excitement and sexuality. When a man “pulls the strings” of a woman’s soul correctly, a woman begins to experience a real female erection. And by it, we mean the state of extreme excitement.

Female erection: features A man must be assertive, but tactful in allusions. It is necessary to begin with a prelude from half-hints, love play, romance and preliminary, even fleeting caresses. All, even the most businesslike and purposeful women are romantic in the soul and want affection. Prelude makes the excitement pronounced, and the sexual act – bright and memorable. No need to skimp on kissing, playing games, slow stripping and experimenting.

She needs excitement to feel the comfort during intercourse and to get a full pleasure and orgasm from it.

With insufficient lubrication and dryness of the vagina, conditions are created for micro trauma and infections. At this time, the woman’s body is in an excitedly stressed state. However, in order to get an erection, it is necessary to “turn off” the head – thoughts and experiences of the day can completely block the onset of excitement and not deliver sexual pleasure. It also does not hurt to learn your body and its intimate muscles.

With the excitation and the beginning of the erection, women start languidly shining, cheeks become blush, and “spots of love” can appear on the body because of the rush of blood to the skin and mucous membranes.

The lips become redder, the mucous membrane dries up due to the increased rate of breathing, a woman can involuntarily lick her lips or bite them. Many women straighten their shoulders, pushing forward their breasts, teasing their hair, stroking their fingers or neck. They can swell their nipples and there appear “goosebumps”. By the way, the use of such drugs as woman Viagra and others available in pharmacies provokes the same effect.

The blood flows to the genitals and small pelvis during excitation, because of which the mucous membrane of the vagina swells and becomes redder. There is an increase in discharges from the vagina – they are watery, transparent, like a slippery gel. It is due to them the introduction of the penis into the vagina is facilitated. The vagina, due to puffiness and swelling of the mucous layer, becomes narrower, which allows it to adjust to the size of the penis. In addition, the area of the cavernous bodies of the clitoris is filled with blood, it increases twice and becomes bright red, the labia also slightly swollen and the sexual gap slightly widens.

Inside the vagina, the temperature rises due to the active influx of arterial blood: on the one hand, it improves the possibility of penetration due to lubrication; on the other, it increases the stimulation of the penis due to a decrease in the volume of the vagina. This makes it possible for both partners to get the maximum pleasure from sexual intercourse.

The female organism is a subtle mechanism, ready to adapt to a partner with almost any size of penis. However, in turn, the partner must also know the “art of playing” on this subtle instrument. If a female erection is achieved, unforgettable impressions to both are guaranteed.

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