Features of using analgesics

It is not always worthwhile to focus on the latest developments in this field. Old, proven painkillers are often much more reliable. Before such a drug goes on sale, it undergoes thorough clinical trials. And its undesirable side effects are sometimes revealed only after the widespread use by completely different people. It happens that after a few years of existence on the market, medicines are withdrawn from production precisely because of this reason. Features of using analgesics

Do not also fall for the “fishing pole” of advertising, promising “a strong and instant result without side effects.” As a rule, they are in fact no less than those of other drugs. It is also important that the body quickly gets used to this or that medicine and stops responding to it. To ease the pain, after a while more powerful remedy will be needed. And then it will not be able to bring relief. So strong drugs, such as Tramadol and other drugs available in pharmacies, better to be postponed to the most extreme case.

Before you buy a medicine, you need to get a good look at its annotation. The action of analgesics is often directed only at a certain problem. So, there are a number of rheumatoid drugs that penetrate directly into the joints and reduce pain only there.

Remedies against a migraine should not be used for a headache of a different origin. They probably will not help. Among them, there are also very toxic ones. Now there are nasal sprays from a migraine, which are injected into the nose. It is very convenient and less traumatic for the body. But their effect also mainly applies only to this disease. They simply cannot be used with an increased pressure.

The rapidly dissolving forms of analgesics are the most harmless for the gastrointestinal tract. Their assortment in pharmacies is constantly updated. In this form, the drug is more likely absorbed. Therefore, mucous membranes are exposed to undesirable effects for a shorter time. A relatively rare use of the drug does not cause violations. But if it is used too often and for a long time, it leads to the same serious consequences as taking analgesics in tablets, up to the appearance of ulcers of the stomach and intestines.

With the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, you should be cautious about all the drugs in this group. If so far they have not led to complications, this does not mean anything. With uncontrolled administration of such drugs, they can occur suddenly. It is also better to refuse in time from the drug, which causes even minor allergic manifestations. If after taking aspirin, there are signs of suffocation, then you should try to avoid any non-narcotic analgesics. Each of them can trigger a sudden attack of asthma. In addition, their negative impact on blood coagulability is known. In countries where aspirin is taken literally for any reason, physicians are increasingly having to deal with heavy bleeding, which is due to its popularity among the population. Therefore, in order to avoid the appearance of others diseases in the treatment of one, the choice of such medicines is better to be given to a doctor.

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