Diets and menstruation: the right approach

It is very important to understand the relationship between such processes as weight loss and menstruation. Questions about the mutual influence of these concepts do not only cause increased interest but also cause a stormy discussion among the female representatives.

Diets and menstruation: the right approach In fact, the connection between these concepts does exist: the processes that take place in the female body while getting rid of superfluous and weight-bearing kilograms are very closely related to the monthly cycle. During menstruation, the body can begin to burn fat deposits actively, or vice versa, increase the rate of its accumulation. In order to navigate accurately which days affect this or that process, you should consider the relationship of “women’s days” and weight loss in more detail.

The fact that the first day of menstruation is considered the first day of the cycle is well known. During this period, the female body is set up for active work: all processes occur much faster, which increases the rate of “burning” fatty deposits.

For 6-8 days before the start of menstruation, it is necessary to limit products in the diet such as pickles and smoked products. These products contribute to the increase of water reserves in the body.

From the first day of the beginning of the menstrual cycle, it is necessary to monitor your diet carefully and introduce into the diet products that help destroy excess weight. These include legumes, rice, boiled potatoes, and coarse bread – in general, all those products that contain complex carbohydrates, very slowly absorbed by the body.

It should be remembered that weight loss and menstrual cycle are inextricably linked. During this period, you should be especially careful about flour, sweets, and fruits: these products are rich in easily digestible simple carbohydrates, the increased use of which contributes to a quick set of body weight, which can be eliminated only with the help of a severe diet.

In the second half of the cycle, the woman body relaxes and adjusts to a calm regime of accumulation of “stocks”. This period is characterized by an aggravated feeling of constant hunger, in which a woman is drawn to sweet and tasty. The second half of the female cycle involves the use of protein foods (buckwheat, low-fat fish and meat, dairy, and seafood), but carbohydrates in the diet should be minimized. Do not forget about the careful use of drugs for weight loss from pharmacies, such as Phentermine.

A few days before the start of the menstrual period, when doing some fitness, it is necessary to exercise with increased caution: the abolition of strength exercises in which injuries to the joints and the spine are possible will be the most sensible decision. The same period is characterized by a decrease in endurance. However, this does not mean that weight loss during menstruation should take place without physical exertion.

From the fourth day of menstruation, the quality of sports loads can return to the usual norm. Fitness and exercises will not only benefit but also bring a pleasant sensation: from the 4th to the 25th day of the cycle (with a break in the interval between 12th and 15th day), women easily tolerate any physical and power loads.

Is it really necessary to forget about sports in these few days? Absolutely not: weight loss and menstrual processes do not enter into the conflict. That allows going in for sports even in the most problematic period of critical days. Stretching and yoga are ideal for this period; training is just worth breaking into several shorter parts.

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