Cure for fear

Cure for fear Fear is the normal reaction of the human body to an external threat. This feeling is designed to protect us. But, it turns out, it’s not so easy. Physicians distinguish two types: natural fear, caused by this or that situation and pathological, turning into a phobia. The line between these varieties is blurred enough, and to understand where the phobia is, and where common sense is, not easy. Many people are interested in the question, are there pills for fear?

Medicines, with the pharmacodynamics of interest to us, usually have the characteristics listed below:

  • sedative or soothing properties
  • anxiolytic or anti-anxiety
  • those who remove muscle spasms – myorelaxing
  • tightening the nervous system, causing drowsiness
  • anticonvulsant.

Based on the above qualities, float, and indications for the use of tablets from fear, distinguish:

  • the appearance of problems with sleep
  • various types of neuroses, angioedema
  • psychopathic conditions
  • various vegetative abnormalities
  • a number of varieties of epilepsy
  • increased excitability
  • tension
  • states with obsessions, phobias
  • feeling of fear and anxiety
  • sensation of strong irritability
  • increased fatigue and apathy
  • signs of reactive psychosis
  • hyperkinesis – sudden arising pathological involuntary movements in different muscle groups
  • neurotic states.

To stop this or that problem, the drug used in the treatment from the pharmacy should have certain properties and characteristics, such as Xanax.

Preparations are usually able to reduce the speed of action of gamma-amino butyric acid, which affects the transmission of nerve impulses. This stimulates certain receptors that control the volume of produced serotonin. It is its sufficient number that “makes the colors of life more vivid”, raises the mood, and allows you to forget about fears.

Such drugs reduce the level of excitation of sub-cortical structures of the brain, reducing emotional tension. The feeling of fear and anxiety is gradually passing.

When taking pills from fear, depression of brain cells of the reticular formation occurs, which pushes to relaxing motor, autonomic, and emotional functions. Such changes lead to increased drowsiness.

Relaxation of muscle tissue allows you to remove the convulsive syndrome. In order not to lose the high pharmacological characteristics of the group of medicines under consideration, the preparations should be kept in proper conditions. The conditions for the storage of tablets from fear require the following aspects:

  • the room temperature should not exceed 25 °C
  • it is necessary to protect the medicine from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight
  • keep the medicine in a place where it is not reachable for small children.

It is necessary to adhere to the terms of effective work. The shelf life of tablets is different: from two to five years from the date of manufacture. The date of production and the end of effective use is necessarily reflected in the package of the medicinal product. If the expiration date of the drug has ended, it is strictly forbidden to use it for further treatment.

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