Can a person stop sleeping?

The rhythm of the life of modern man is high. For the completion of all chores, a day is not always enough. At such moments, we begin to think about what needs to be done to stay awake, for example, all night. Can a person stop sleeping?

To begin with, it is important to talk about the consequences of lack of sleep. Constant wakefulness does not allow the body to rest properly, and the consequence may be premature aging of internal organs, not to mention problems with the psyche. If you do the calculation for a day, you will get approximately the following picture:

  • a day without sleep – fatigue sets in, and problems with memory and concentration of attention appear
  • 2-3 days without sleep – the hormonal background begins to change in the body, and the connections between the brain cells are broken. Also, speech, sight, coordination in space worsen, nausea may begin
  • 4-5 days without sleep – the destruction of cells begins, the consequence of which is the destruction of personality. The person becomes irritable and suffers from delirium and hallucinations
  • 6-8 days without sleep – speech slows down, tremors in limbs appear, and a person begins to suffer loss of memory
  • 11 days without sleep – this record was put only once in the history of human kind.

Given the specifics of work and lifestyle in different cities, it is difficult to imagine how many different methods of combating sleepiness were invented by mankind.

The main thing that you should not do is drinking coffee, which in large quantities, on the contrary, increases drowsiness. If you feel that you fall asleep on the go, it is better to stop and rest for at least 15 minutes.

The last question that should be touched upon is the choice of means not to sleep. And in this respect, for a person who decided to declare war to sleepiness, there is a huge choice:

  1. What to drink? There is such a thing as energy drinks. Unless of course, you are afraid for your health. With physical fatigue, you can drink one of these.
  2. What to eat? Some types of food perfectly relieve drowsiness. They include sharp spices – mustard, horseradish, and hot pepper. Food with such seasonings will not let you fall asleep. If you are not allowed to eat them, try marshmallow, chocolate, peanuts, burnt sugar.
  3. A specific vitamin remedy, which completely kills sleep, does not exist in nature. But if you really need it, you should try D-ribose, L-carnitine, vitamins C and B6, and folic acid.
  4. Try some of the stimulants, such as Modafinil and other medications available in pharmacies. But remember that such drugs are not used without the appointment of a doctor.

It is possible to make recurrence to these remedies only as a last resort. After all, nothing is capable of undermining health so much as a lack of sleep. Do not experiment with the endurance of the body and it will help you cope with tasks before the night comes.

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